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Feb. 20th, 2016

Hello Internet,

I miss these journals. The format lets you put so much more thought into what you convey on the net, compared to the 5 seconds snippets on twitter or the re-post spam of facebook.

With the advent of so much social media presence, I wanted to poll who still checks Livejournal. In order to gauge this, please respond to the poll below.

Who is still following this journal?
Poll #2037542 Who is still following this journal?

Who still actively follows Livejournal?

I do

A look at the past year

Dear Internet,

It has come to my attention that I have been quite absent from the internetterweb-o-sphere for the past year. Real life has come a'knockin' and has stolen most of the time that I used to commit to e-friends and artwork.

While I can't say that I regret the last year, I do feel that I owe everyone a recap. Those who still read this journal have, and always will be, a part of my life. :)

In the interest of parsing down a summary of this year's events, I've constructed the following list of highlights. Those wishing more information on a particular event may comment on it and I will respond with some more in-depth information.

Without further aduei, I present to you:

2013: The Year of the Progress

From the start:

1) FC 2013
Where I discovered that I still have a billion friends within the community, but determined that the convention itself holds little interest for me. Instead of tieing myself to a table, I spent the weekend running around visiting people and rekindled my love for friends I hardly get to see or have fallen out of touch with.
Malaika - Rent

2) Promotions at the workplace
I've been a Mortgage Loan Officer for the past two years. I am not a Senior Loan Officer.

It isn't the most glorious or fun job I've had, but I'm damn good at it. As of next month, I will officially be licensed to do home loans in 10 states (CA, WA, AZ, UT, HI, NJ, NM, CT, DC, WI). I was our top guy in the company for 6 Months out of the year and, for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm actually getting paid well for doing a good job. It's a pretty awesome feeling.


3) Debt
This also marks the year that I KILLED over $10,000 in debt. Seriously. Instead of going out and buying that fancy new thingy, I seriously plowed into some debts and am finally back on track with my student loans. Goodbye credit cards. Goodbye weird-phone-bills-from-years-ago. Goodbye car tickets... and good riddance.

It feels good to finally have that weight off my shoulders.


4) Wife!! (Almost)
Most of you have already heard this one, but I can't say it enough times: I am officially engaged.

That's right, ladies and gents, the eternal bachelor is officially off of the market. Not to say that I have left my days of wine and music behind; now I just have a partner in crime to share them with. I asked coffeeslayer to be my wife this year and she said yes.

Every time I say that, I'm still shocked, surprised, pleased, excited, terrified, jittery, and utterly in love. I couldn't be more happy.

Here's a few pictures of the shiny thing.

Alicia Ring 01
Alicia Ring 02

2013 was a big year. 2014 is shaping up to include such illustrous things as a house, a vacation, and who the hell knows what else.

How was your year?

Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

Kigs out.



Yup. I'm going.

The good news is that I am going to be doing Stand Up Comedy Sunday! Feel free to drop by. :D

The bad news is that my rooming situation fell through. So, does anyone know someone who has some crash space? I can pay my share and bribe you with booze, friendship, and art. :)

Jorge Sidhu

The American Dream

Dear Internet,

What exactly were you raised to believe was the American dream?

I have my own ideas, and I will share them shortly, but I am curious what you have experienced. Feel free to respond even if you aren't American. ;)


Job, League of Legends, and Job

Dear Internet,

I figure I should get back into the habit of posting on this thingamajigger; I miss the catharsis that comes from putting my thoughts into writing.

The job front has been a too-sour martini. I've received a promotion and am now helping people refinance their homes in California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. I should have Utah as of the 15th of this month. That's the good news.

The bad news is that I have had ABSOLUTELY no time lately. I need to find a good outlet to balance out the long hours at work.

I remember doing fun things on the weekends. Now, I'm feeling like I just spend them recovering from the week. This is unacceptable.

On the plus side, I am FINALLY starting to get out of debt and I'm financially stable for the first time.... pretty much ever. I'll just have to rough it out and hope that it irons itself out.

Until next time,



Dear Internet.

Soo.... I am totally still alive.

Want to help me? Alicia and I are moving in together and she needs help supplementing her move in cost.

She is taking sketches for donations. Feel free to contribute whatever you can afford. I might give out a couple free sketches to supplement it.

Send an email to cindeegrrlie@gmail.com with your request.


FC 2012 Banner and Art

Dear Internet,

If you go to the RAVE for FC, my art is on the wall. Sick. Awesome and totally not expected; I don't consider myself a cool enough artist to put things on a wall.


I am currently working on a grim dark MLP banner for me and Greencat's table. This is not the kind of stuff that I normally draw, but I can't help but think that it is coming out AWESOME!

More to come soon.

OR see it at table 54.


The dark depth of the internet

Dear Internet,

Have you ever peered into the internet, stumbled upon something vaguely strange, and realized that you have no idea what you just witnessed.

I tried to explain this video to my room and realized that the english language was not meant to describe such an odd thing. The title reads: Ketchupbot + 20th Century Fox Theme on a Flute, but that didn't make a lick of sense to me until after I watched it.

What the hell did I just watch? What the hell did I just make you watch? What just happened? I'm confused.

Dear Internet,

It appears that Alicia and I might need crash space Thursday night. We can pay our share.

We were originally planning on going to the con Friday evening, but she was able to swap her day off work next week.

The good news is that this means we'll get to hang out more. The bad news is that we're now in the market for Thursday crash space.

Any takers? We're normal artsy folks who are clean and easy to get along with. We'll also be willing to toss in our share of the room for the night. I'd prefer to stay with people we know.

Let me know if you can help us out. If all else fails, we're cool with floor space.

Dear Internet,

My good friend is moving back to California in January. Is anyone in the greater Sacramento area looking for a roommate around February?

She's a good woman. Clean and well adjusted, albeit a bit shy.

Let me know and I'll put you two in contact.

Thanks. :)