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I Write Things

I waltz madly with broomsticks

28 September 1985
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Welcome to my corner of the internet.

This is where I post upcoming events, tell amusing daily anecdotes, and share my thoughts. If you are easily offended, close minded, or cannot "discuss" things without "arguing", turn back now. My sense of humor is NOT politically correct.

That being said, please hang around. I say things. Sometimes they are amusing.
Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink, and feel free to tell me if you don't agree with me. :)

See what people think of me:
"I see you as a sophisticated pirate-cartoon made for the more hard-to-amuse masses of jaded young adults looking for that extremely cool 11:00PM cartoon that sparks their imagination and is as enjoyable to their more adult mental-palates"
-Tessa (Edgy)


"*Spontaniously combusts*"

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